Useful tips in Dofus

Dofus Kamas is useful for you in the game. First we must tell you that you need 8ap [minimum, 9 is better for vit/spir/nimble punishment all in the same turn, or punish] +abs. And what you want to aim for mostly is an int set, Try to score as much +vit as you can ,but you must be sure int is your priority as you can obtain amounts of+int that would have required huge amounts of hp(dofus Kamas)extra [600+]that you couldn’t have gotten in a set in Dofus.
Generally, you can buy dofus Kamas on our website for the game. Firstly, you can choose cheap dofus Kamas just to have a try. Multiple sets for various enemies must be considered. You have a more vit-dependent set for fighting other sacs as your punishment comes out far higher, but you mostly try to maintain good int so they don’t progressively out-hit you.
Another vital thing is MP; Sac’s are the most powerful close-combat class, so that people will try to get away from you. the more MP ,the less your dependency on CC is problematic and the more you’ll dominate, find a way like that you have to almost make this problem non-existent and you remove the one big flaw on the most powerful CC class in this game (dofus power leveling),making you almost unstoppable.

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