Tips for Defeating Bosses

DBO Gold is indispensable when defeating bosses especially for new players. If the land has something such as a palm tree, unbreakable boulder, or something similar, it can block attacks. That is to say, Dragon Ball Power Leveling can add your attack equipment and power. Have a straight line and have some blocking attacks. Go behind it and you will be safe from attacks. Recharge your energy, then fight. Sometimes if the object that is blocking attacks is thin, you can punch them. Before you go in a Boss arena, turn Super Saiyan/Super Namek. When you are about to run out of Kai energy (green bar), get behind something (solid rock or boulder) and recharge. When you are fighting with a Boss, an easy way to defeat him is to work on a tactic of punches back and forth. If the Boss keeps hitting you, use a Ki blast and keep punching him until he/she loses. To have easy Boss battles throughout the game, train characters to level 50 after the auto level up after the 3 years training. Dragon Ball Gold can help you save time to level up directly. Find a large and unbreakable rock or a tree. Your enemy keeps walking towards you if you are behind such an object. Try to hit them when they are near. You can use energy waves on them. However, do not use them on Androids. Do not hide behind a breakable object, as you will get hurt. If there are no unbreakable objects to hide behind, like on incomplete Cell No.1's field in Gingertown, try punching them in surprise. If they hit you, back away or use energy waves, except on Androids except Cell. Just use dragon ball Online gold to enjoy the game.

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