Elf warlocks skills

There are lots of methods to earn C9 Gold through skills. Fireball to shoot fireballs need a certain casting time, aimed at launch, it will be called Fire, the highest damage skills with sputtering effect .Suggest adding to the top. Many people think that good profession may get more c9 online gold and good equipment.

Summon ray, at first, aim correctly, summon magic ray in the visual range, huge ray falling from the sky battle against all enemies with damage. Attract the monsters in the melee, and then to put ray in monsters pile, I am sure you will be pride of the strings of the damage value. Suggest adding to the top. c9 power leveling is good idea for new player to fast level up.

Ice spearshoot skills, multiple attacks in line, giant damage, frequency of using is very high. Suggest adding up to middle.

Tracking, the most disgusting single attack skill of the master professional skills, players who prefer to PK can add senior.

Land property, very ornate magic variable attribute, then you can’t jump. Land property will give some faraway attack skill additional damage. Usage staff to hit will decrease.

It is a proper way for you to buy c9 gold when you first join the game.

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